About Us
As a leader in the Outdoor Shade Industry with more than 20 years experience, we have and will continuously produce the finest and SAFEST Retractable Awnings, Parasols & other shades. We constantly strive to keep the competitive edge and also remain committed to the finest quality, safety & appearance of our Outdoor Shades. We offer a wide array of Outdoor Shades designed to meet / suit your requirements, in our standard size of customized size to fit any location. Some of the locations where our products are installed can be found at Menara KL, Telekom, Capital Square, Westin Hotel, Steven Corner, Tea Garden, Holly Cafe, NZ Curry House, Leo Cafe, illy Cafe. We have professional Sales Executive who whill give you the best advice for an Outdoor shade to enhance the looks/ atmosphere of your location. Our professionalism emphasizes on bringing out the beauty of your homes or even the best coverage solutions for your factory/ garden/ poolside/ restaurant, etc from weathers...

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